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Mary Anns Webpage

SearchingForYou helps you to reunite with the special person missing from your life. Whatever the reason for re-establishing contact, SearchingForYou can assist in your endeavours. SearchingForYou provides affordable professional tracing services.

For those trying to locate lost family members, former friends or tracing a persons ancestors or descendents SearchingForYou will be of assistance. Family connections can be confirmed or disproved and if necessary a complete family tree can be compiled from just one person’s details.

Here are some examples but not an exhaustive list of search requests we can perform

Locate a lost family member
Ancestor and descendant research
Record lookups
Retrieval of documents
Transcriptions and translations
Local photo service, i.e. churches, cemeteries, buildings
Expert advise if you have any questions about European research and research in former german territories

A search for a birthparent or child is an emotional issue. SearchingForYou takes a responsible attitude when dealing with such cases as a sensitive approach is required.

SearchingForYou has established a vast international source base to assist in tracing people of both, german and foreign nationalities. As we have successfully located missing persons, we not only have the experience but also the resources required.

There are many ways to identify and locate people. When we review a search, we will evaluate the information, determine whether the search is possible, and then advise you on the best methods for success.

Here are the four main ingredients for insuring a successful search

full name including middle initial, maiden name
place and date of birth, even month and year of birth
social security number (if you have it)
an old address

We will gladly assist you in your search.

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