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Interviewing family members is leaving a quickly lose the overview. It is very important to make notes to statements, data and information.

You should probably run a stapler and gives each family member a name. Each family should have its own folder. The main points of these discussions are put down and attached it only times. Gradually, you get a lot of information together. These rules facilitate the work later and you can read the writing and possibly discuss obscure points again. If you want, then in this context also write stories and experiences. For pure data structure comes with a bit of life in the family history.

To regain all his ancestors, there is a simple and effective system that brings order to his ancestors. Stephan Kekulé von Stradonitz invented in 1898 a numbering ancestors, the world will still apply. In common parlance, refers to this classification system as Pedigree-Atlas or numbering after Kekulé.

Ancestry numbering after Kekulé
The starting point of the ancestor list you yourself or the person from whom the ancestor list goes out. This person is numbered 1 Parents get the numbers 2 and 3 It should be noted that all the male ancestors always an even number and an odd female ancestors receive Tree number. Accordingly, therefore, the Father is the number 2, the mother of the number 3 In the next generation, the generation of grandparents, hence the numbers 4-7. Here are the paternal grandparents, the numbers 4 and 5, the maternal grandparents, the numbers 6 and 7 So it is then generation after generation. A doubling of the numbers plus 1 is the next generation.

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