Die Edlen von Veinau

The nobles of Veinau are a tribe with the sex of the nobles of Bielriet. You are should be numbered among the oldest noble families of local area and had ansehliche possessions.
Already in 1057 we find a Adelbert von Bielriet, this enters the monastery Comburg and given away in 1078 next to a part of the castle Bielriet and semi Croeffelbach more significant possessions.
The stronghold of the nobles of Veinau stood in the so-called armed bush on the boundary Veinau at Sr. Hall.
1288 they enter into the story for the first time .
After the beginning of the 14th Century had sold their possessions in Veinau , they settled in the territory of the Lords of Hohenlohe and were their vassals. When they get them rich fief to Kocher and Jagst . Alone in the upper office Künzelsau are as possessions mentioned in Crispenhofen, Diebach, Dörzbach, Eichelshof, Hertwigsweiler ( departed ), Guthof , Rohrtal ( departed ), Ingelfingen , Zottishofen , Weissenbach , Lower Hall and other goods.
In a document dated 6.Jan.1288 appear : Jutta von Veinau ux Marquard of Wüstenau Ottilie von Veinau ux Albrecht von Crailsheim, Heinrich von Veinau ux Adelheid , they enter their goods in Zottishofen and Ilshofen to her sister Gertrude of Veinau , Heinrich Michel field ‘s widow from . 1298 and 1305 are mentioned Guta ( Jutta ) and Marquard of Wüstenau .

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