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Interviewing family members is leaving a quickly lose the overview. It is very important to make notes to statements, data and information.

You should probably run a stapler and gives each family member a name. Each family should have its own folder. The main points of these discussions are put down and attached it only times. Gradually, you get a lot of information together. These rules facilitate the work later and you can read the writing and possibly discuss obscure points again. If you want, then in this context also write stories and experiences. For pure data structure comes with a bit of life in the family history.

To regain all his ancestors, there is a simple and effective system that brings order to his ancestors. Stephan Kekulé von Stradonitz invented in 1898 a numbering ancestors, the world will still apply. In common parlance, refers to this classification system as Pedigree-Atlas or numbering after Kekulé.

Ancestry numbering after Kekulé
The starting point of the ancestor list you yourself or the person from whom the ancestor list goes out. This person is numbered 1 Parents get the numbers 2 and 3 It should be noted that all the male ancestors always an even number and an odd female ancestors receive Tree number. Accordingly, therefore, the Father is the number 2, the mother of the number 3 In the next generation, the generation of grandparents, hence the numbers 4-7. Here are the paternal grandparents, the numbers 4 and 5, the maternal grandparents, the numbers 6 and 7 So it is then generation after generation. A doubling of the numbers plus 1 is the next generation.

As one begins to research his family?

Sure everyone was already an old shoe box or a box of cigars from his grandparents in hand, filled with old pictures and documents. On long winter evenings when they told us stories about these images. Therefore strictly-looking ladies with large hats and heavy clothes, men with large cylinders and goatee, standing stiffly in front of a monster of a flower vase looked at us from these pictures. These were all stories from another time. …

Years later we discovered in old chests and boxes again this ancient treasures of childhood. The interest in their own past and the ancestors had been awakened. However, today many stories blurred and the context is missing. Now it is up to us to complete this puzzle. But the crucial question remains: “How do you start now the Genealogy”?

Now begins a hobby that will accompany one life.

interviewing relatives
On top of all research is the collection of documents of the family. Whenever possible, parents and relatives are asked for data that may be relavant. These include:

– Certificates of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents present (birth certificate, death certificate, Registry, wedding dates, children, etc.)
– Are there records of a family member who has already researched?
– What are other relatives and where they live?

In summary: It has exhausted every resource and the results are recorded, so it is not lost. Even if some things seem trivial. The more information about the ancestors are present, the more accurate, a match can be found.

Source: See Rolf Nowak (c)


The genealogy is common in many families. At some point, the question arises – where I come from – where do I go. Since we often know only our grandparents and great-grandparents might nocht it’s hard to go further afield. While there are registry offices Krichenbücher – but makes hardly a bother and beats all night. All the more it is a pleasure when someone over the years dealing with his genealogy. Manfred Feinauer has done this and is down to many town halls in the region and has also repeatedly taken insight into ancient writings. The help of the Mormons who have run for religious reasons Genealogy him here also helped a lot. The Mormons have a large database. In their belief, there is salvation for the departed souls only for those around the person you make your bed and which commemorates by name. So the work of the Mormons has been a great help in the genealogy of my grandfather.

What is Genealogy today?
With the help of the Internet, many databases open up quickly. Meta search engines can filter name and online software can create whole family trees. That is helpful. An album or a label in the monastery replaced not because each enters only his pedigree. And this is often quickly exhausted because he already ends with the grandparents or great-grandparents.

Not everyone dreams of a tree that is completely from the root up to a self, his own offspring? The crown is large and yet there are innumerable for a self a main branch, a root. I remember my family tree. This goes back to the year 1200. He is at its outermost point 10 meters but less than 30 cm deep. This means that a family tree is very fast in the width – but the depth is quite narrow.

New webpage online

After a long break has now been revised as part of a change in the web-hosting. The previous site was after the death of Manfred Feinauer stand and was not updated for several years now. As this site has an interesting topic and is also important for other genealogists I will fill the website with more information. In memory of my grandpa I converted this site. Unfortunately, the genealogy is a time consuming hobby or life lesson. Therefore, there is no daily changes. I would be happy but on advice and information. Especially the name Feinauer.

The records of my grandfather are still intact and saved digitally. If there are questions, there is certainly a possibility of cooperation.