The genealogy is common in many families. At some point, the question arises – where I come from – where do I go. Since we often know only our grandparents and great-grandparents might nocht it’s hard to go further afield. While there are registry offices Krichenbücher – but makes hardly a bother and beats all night. All the more it is a pleasure when someone over the years dealing with his genealogy. Manfred Feinauer has done this and is down to many town halls in the region and has also repeatedly taken insight into ancient writings. The help of the Mormons who have run for religious reasons Genealogy him here also helped a lot. The Mormons have a large database. In their belief, there is salvation for the departed souls only for those around the person you make your bed and which commemorates by name. So the work of the Mormons has been a great help in the genealogy of my grandfather.

What is Genealogy today?
With the help of the Internet, many databases open up quickly. Meta search engines can filter name and online software can create whole family trees. That is helpful. An album or a label in the monastery replaced not because each enters only his pedigree. And this is often quickly exhausted because he already ends with the grandparents or great-grandparents.

Not everyone dreams of a tree that is completely from the root up to a self, his own offspring? The crown is large and yet there are innumerable for a self a main branch, a root. I remember my family tree. This goes back to the year 1200. He is at its outermost point 10 meters but less than 30 cm deep. This means that a family tree is very fast in the width – but the depth is quite narrow.

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