Feinauer in Germany

The name Feinauer is widely distributed in Germany. The statistical record the name on verwandt.de we can see exactly where in Germany is an accumulation of the name. This confirms the research of Manfred Feinauer, who has researched the roots of Feinauer in the Hohenlohe in Schwäbisch Hall. In this evaluation, only the current spellings of the name are recorded Feinauer. Old spellings like Veynawer or Veinau verwandt.de can not be found. There are only in Schwäbisch Hall, Hohenlohe ancestors, called the Veinauer.

Here we have the distribution of the name Feinauer integrated the map.

verwandt.de Feinauer-Karte

Verwandt.de Feinauer card distribution in Germany
Source: verwandt.de, Stand 01/2013

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