Von Veinau forefathers



The oldest, proven member of the counts of Comburg-Rothenburg counts was BURKHART. He was mentioned in the Oehringen letter of endowment. Burkhart probably belonged to the second or third generation of the family. He lived on Comberg, which was purchased by a count RICHARD von Rothenburg from the bishop of Augsburg around the year 1000.

There were 3 brothers of the Comberg counts who lived on Comberg during the middle of the 11th century:

Count EMEHARD a very close supporter of Emperor Heinrich III did rather well in establishing churches. Emerhard remained childless.

The Bielrieter twig of the family is descended from his brother RUGGER. The same Bielriet lineage is also the root of the Veinau’s.

The third brother RICHARD was the father of the Comburg generation.

After the ancestral castle was transformed into a monastery of the Benedictine monks in 1079, Rugger was, for some time, the administrator of the Comburg monastery.

One of the SALISH inheritable estates, among others, was ROTHENBURG.


Excerpt from a research report describing the history of Grosscomburg. Author Ulrice Plate. Made public in a yearbook 1994 of the “Historical Society of Wuerttembergic Franconia. Volume 78.”

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