Same name, same genotype

In people with the same surname (family name) can be detected by an English study often similarities in the genome.
“This study provides the first direct link between genes and genealogy.” However, this is true probably not for the most common names like Smith or Meier.

The study compared Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University, the genotype
of 61 British, who are also called Sykes. For half of the participants, he pointed after 4 matching DNA segments that are not found in control groups.
The experiment was repeated for 3 other names with similar findings.
Professor Sykes interprets the results, so that people with the same name have a common ancestor and therefore show similarities in the genome.
“That every family on a par with the aristocracy,” says Sykes.

That half of his namesakes (Cousins​​) had nothing in common, Sykes explained with infidelities.

The study was published in the “Journal of Human Genetics Amerikan”.

Source: AP 6th April 2000

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