Emblem of Veinau anno 1288

Emblem of Veinau anno 1288

Welcome to the website of Feinauer Genealogy. Get information about the history of Feinauer and backgrounds to Manfred Feinauer, the genealogist who has spent years researching the history books for the roots of Feinauer. The result you see in excerpts on this website. Genealogy is common in many families. However, wars and fires branches in monasteries, town-halls and othe records have been lost. Manfred Feinauer had long assume that with the Thirty Years’ War between 1618 and 1648 the line of Feinauer could never be completely understood. Until very late the branch succeeded him to the origins in the years 1200 up to the Knights Bielrieth track. So the family tree in the line of Manfred Feinauer from the root is complete. The widely prevalent today are the Feinauer can see through social networks. It’s a nice feeling to know but that all have taken their origin in Veinau to Schwäbisch Hall.

Genealogy – genealogical research
Genealogy is the technical term for ancestor or family research. This research refers to a historical ancillary science. Genealogy is, starting from a particular person, the study of ancestors in an ascending line, or as descendants descendants. The ancestors of the people are popularly referred to as ancestors, which was why the term naturalized genealogy. As affinity refers to a group of people that are genealogically linked.

The results of the research can be presented in a software or on paper in the form of a list or table. Representations of the ancestors in the ascending line, so of ancestors are called pedigree or ancestor list. In descendants the representation is called progeny or Nackommenliste panel. With hourglass-shape the representation of both branches is called. It then both ancestors and descendants are included. Which of the two visualization modes (table or list) of the question depends to a decisive extent on the amount of available data. Particularly in illustrating many generations has primarily a list form, as she performs the ancestral sequence. However, the descendants of a person are detected, whose family name was identical or, then there is a genealogical table or master list.

The interest in the ancestors or family research comes mostly from their own family. To find your own ancestors, parents, grandparents or other relatives are asked about family relationships. Much valuable information can also result from extensive research that you can have from Damilienbüchern, photo albums, or even ancestors passports. This can be used very well for data collection. Equally revealing are the details on birth certificates, dead notes or death certificates, as is common in many regions were and are.

If anyone would like to delve deeper into the genealogy must have a sound knowledge, can read ancient texts and have access to the sources. Especially historical sources, such as church records, court records, death books, baptismal record or require extensive knowledge in reading ancient texts. It may also happen that a family has changed over the centuries. The knowledge required for genealogists can be acquired in any study, but work only in the course of years of research in this area.